Kipsongo Slum




Kipsongo is located in Kitale, Kenya. The tribe living here is primarily Turkana, a nomadic people of northern Kenya. They are herdsmen who live in a very harsh area of the world. Many have moved to Kitale for work and have settled in this community. Donna had the privilege to go once a week and teach the women’s group there on Biblical principles. My job was to entertain the kids while the women were learning. While spending time with the ladies here, their main prayer request was for help with eradication of “jiggers.” A larva mite of a flea that comes up through the soil and bores itself into the bottoms of feet or any other flesh surface connected to the ground.

Through the generous support of so many in the US, we were able to oversee the construction of several houses and the installation of concrete floors for all the homes in Kipsongo.  Once the concrete was poured, the people were able to sleep or sit on the floor protected from the nuisance larva. The ground was also treated chemically to make a better place for these people to live.


Thank you all who participated in the Kipsongo project. It was a true success.



Little Charles




This is Charles. A young man Donna met in Kitale at a small school while she was there to evaluate another young boy. The teacher brought Charles to Donna because he was showing signs of HIV and there was no one to care for him. Donna’s heart was broken for this little man. She made a deal with Charles that if he would write her a story every week, that she would bring him a bag of fruit, a necessary part of diet for someone with the virus. We soon took Charles to be tested twice and once it was confirmed, he began receiving the ARV’s to counter the deadly illness. A missionary friend pointed us to a man who helps place children facing similar challenges into a safe environment where he receives a proper diet, medications, education and family love.

Thank you to a precious lady here in the US who sends funds to see that Charles has a better chance at life.






Jamamoor is another Turkana community that is located just beyond the seminary where we teach. One of the students at ATS(Africa Theological Seminary) approached us with concerns for the people there, mainly concerning clean water and proper toilet facilities. After much prayer and generous giving, Jamamoor’s well was dug deeper and 2 new toilet/pit latrines were installed. Thank you to all who contributed!



Mount Elgon Girls




Mount Elgon is located near Kitale, where we teach. It is home to many Kenyans as well as Ugandans as the huge land mass, extinct volcano is shared with these neighboring countries. One of the staff at ATS approached Donna with an ongoing need in her home district with concerns for the girls there. A heartfelt effort was engaged by the leadership of the local church in conjunction with generous donors from the US and funds were raised to supply 200 girls with proper feminine products for many years. We currently manage the funding and the precious Kenya ladies make suer these products are properly distributed each semester when the girls are home on school break.

In the photos, you can see Donna encouraging the girls to take care of themselves out of respect for God. The Kenyan couple in one of the photos are Moses and his wife Emily. He teaches these girls while Emily works at ATS.

Thank you all who have given to this project. Your donations are truly changing the course in the lives of these girls. God bless.



ATS Shepherd Scholarship



Our current project comes closer to where we work in Kenya. The students who attend ATS are pastors, counselors, nurses and lay ministers wanting to know more of the truth of God’s word. In their efforts to complete the 4 year program, they are met with the challenges of funding. It costs a student approximately $1000 US dollars each year to attend the seminary which can prolong their graduation completion and sometimes, they are forced to quit.

ATS and International Christian Ministries are proposing a student scholarship fund where you can participate by donating $500 to a student’s education. The student will then only be responsible for the remaining $500 for a year’s education. Having a US partner also brings an energy to these students knowing that someone cares about them.

Please consider partnering with a student this year and the help equip them to be better disciples to Kenya.

To donate, go online to

We are privileged to serve these precious people in the classroom and in their churches. Their hearts are sincere to learn and they want their people to know the “more.”



ATS Motorcycle Initiative




Steve was recently asked to coordinate an annual project where qualified students and alumni can apply to be awarded a motorcycle for their ministry work and personal transportation. The program was started by a family from Minnesota who lost their son to a motorcycle accident in 2004. The Just’s have been raising money to purchase bikes for pastors in needed areas for 15 years. Steve is blessed to serve in this capacity.