Our Story

What was once a dream became reality… Steve heads to Africa for the first time:

In 2001, Steve’s steps towards Africa began. He joined Walk Thru the Bible Ministries and his friend Bruce Wilkinson on a trip to Kenya. Many God-touches came for Steve during that initial trip; a part of his heart was left in Kenya on that initial trip. After months of prayer, Steve shared with Donna his broken heart for the people of Kenya and the couple began praying — fervently. They knew God was doing something, but having never felt that sort of touch before, they waited, and wondered, and prayed.

From 2001 until 2010 the Taylors took many trips to serve in Africa — serving with teams, serving as a family, serving as a couple. Something larger than them was happening during these journeys of obedience — something akin to birthing pains. Their hearts were breaking as they loved and served the people of Kenya, their hearts were being changed – moved – grown – filled.

Things that previously had mattered so very much, began to fade and become distant as this family began to receive God’s revelations of the things that mattered most to Him. Their world was changing, dramatically. They were intensely aware of their need of a mighty, Holy God; they had seen over and over again the rawness of the world’s need of God. Having accepted Christ as their Savior many years prior to their call to Kenya, Steve and Donna began to grasp the magnitude of sanctification and the life-altering work it produces in a surrendered life. Steve was blessed to work at North Point Community Church and Browns Bridge Community Church, Donna retired early from teaching elementary school and worked for Heart for Africa during these transformational years. Steve knew Africa was somewhere in his future; he knew someday there would be more than short term trips, but God revealed nothing more to him than this.

During these years, Steve and Donna also grew intensely in their desire to do marriage God’s way. They knew how it felt to love each other deeply, but not bless each other completely. And so they began a personal odyssey seeking out God’s design for marriage. They could see the cultural fallacies around them that would allow a couple to go through the motions of life, but never arrive at the place God had intended for them. As they sought out older, wiser couples to mentor them in this pursuit of a more Godly marriage, it became clear, few couples embraced an anointed marriage, many couples just “got by”. This passion for a deeply blessed marriage and home became their “classroom” as they pursued Godly teaching from those who knew and understood God’s desire for marriage.

Then in 2007 while serving in Kenya, God began to use Steve in a new way as Kenyan men approached him with questions about his happy marriage and “how he got his wife to love him so much?”. Steve began sharing what he had learned, and their hearts were open and ready to receive. Since that time, Steve and Donna have invested in marriages in Kenya during their trips. This doorway was opened by God. The issues of poverty, orphans, AIDS, hunger, etc. are overwhelming. Many world organizations and churches work diligently to help make a difference and end the suffering. Steve and Donna have worked in these areas as well. But when God revealed to them that family units, marriages, family relationships were suffering and missing His gift for them —- a fire was ignited in the Taylors.

The simple truth is —- if marriages and homes began living in God honoring ways —– there would be…

  • Fewer orphans (because fathers and mothers would remain faithful to one another and not bring home deadly diseases)
  • Fewer hurting widows (because while a husband might pass away before his wife, she would not be left with painful memories of a loveless marriage)
  • Fewer hungry children (because the blessings of God could flow more freely as the home was led in Godly ways)
  • A dramatic decline in AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (because one man & one woman remaining exclusive to one another in marriage stops STDs abruptly).
  • Communities will grow stronger.
  • The nation will have a better chance to thrive.

The Taylor family had served for the past 12 years in Kenya, usually focused on the children. During these years, God has prepared them for what would be His “calling” to them — to teach God’s plan for marriage and mentor couples wanting to make a difference in their church, community, and country —- beginning with their own home. This is the ministry of Kweli Moyo.

Moving forward, the Taylor family has surrendered their home, their children, their family and close friends —- knowing God will care for each of these —- as they obediently go where He has called them.

Michael currently lives in Georgia. He is completing his Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and has accepted a position with a local practice working with adolescents and men.

Maggie and her husband Ray live in Georgia and have two beautiful boys. Maggie recently accepted a job with Heart for Africa as the Marketing Coordinator. Ray is a college counselor and track coach at Kings Ridge Christian School.

After serving for 2 1/2 years with us in missions as well as attending USIU(United States International University) Peter headed back to the US to finish his college degree in International Affairs. He has completed his degree and has been commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corp.

It’s a God-sized shift in their home —– but one they eagerly embrace.

They have now served in Kenya for 6 years teaching at Africa Theological Seminary, local churches, and mentoring couples in marriage.

God can accomplish so much, if you will just say yes.