Kweli Moyo Ministries

The mission of Kweli Moyo is to grow God honoring marriages in Christ centered homes. There are countless blessings for the man and woman who will put God first in their marriage and live united under Him, with Him, and for Him. We praise God for the opportunity to serve through marriage and family ministry.

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Our Mission


God gives us many guidelines on how to “do marriage” His way. It’s all in His Word, the Holy Bible. At Kweli Moyo we look to God’s Word for truth and guidance that when applied to marriage will bring a harvest of life and love.

What God creates and values should be held in highest regard and viewed with a holy awe. When God joins a man and a woman in marriage, He has created something very important to Himself. It was a part of His plan from the very beginning. Marriage was intended to be a holy union touched by God.

God places great value on the marriage of a man and a woman. Unfortunately, the enemy of our God knows how much the Creator treasures a holy marriage. Therefore since the beginning, the enemy has been at work to cause division and turmoil in homes. It began with Adam and Eve and has not slowed down since their fall.

God knows the good that can come from a marriage that follows His plans —- with a “true heart”.